If Big Can, I Can


Written by Beth Shoshan, Illustrated by Petra Brown

Parragon, 2007

If Big can run…then I can run.

The plot in a nutshell: A koala muses about the size difference between himself and his big bear friend.

Koala notes that he can’t run as fast as Big Bear or jump as far. Koala can swing and climb, but not as high or as far as Big Bear can. He can play with Big Bear, but sometimes he gets into predicaments because he’s so much smaller. But then again, he thinks, there are small places that he can go where Big Bear can’t follow and in those places, he can do everything better and faster and higher than anyone. But he has to do them alone, which isn’t as much fun. So he and Big Bear do what they each can do and they do them together.

Author Beth Shoshan takes a fun look at friendships and the way we perceive differences, especially for those who can’t help drawing comparisons between themselves and their friends. You can tell that Koala is feeling bad that he can’t do everything as well as Big Bear and that it sometimes bothers him. And you can also see that he blossoms when he’s on his own and isn’t comparing himself to anyone else. The real beauty of the story is in the ending when he realizes that being with his friend is more valuable to him than feeling like he’s the best at everything, and that realization makes him give up some of that sense of competition so that he can be happier.


Koala is good at being adorable.

Illustrator Petra Brown does a wonderful job of showing us the way these characters are feeling and in the illustrations, while we are looking at Koala, it’s easy to miss that Big Bear is completely oblivious to the ‘limitations’ of his friend. That’s a great detail, because it’s often the case that the person we’re trying to live up to already sees us as perfectly wonderful exactly as we are and has no idea that we are drawing ourselves up short. I added names Koala and Big Bear in the summary, but the book’s nameless narrator just refers to his friend as ‘Big’ in the book’s text, making this book easy to translate to any set of people where one feels smaller than the other. It’s really a great story.

And what did we learn? What I take away from this book is that it’s more important to enjoy spending time with a friend than it is to do everything the same as them.


What are your thoughts?

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