Archive | June 10, 2017

How to Put Your Parents to Bed


Written by Mylisa Larsen, Illustrated by Babette Cole

Katherine Tegen Books, 2016

I know. You are not tired.

The book’s unseen narrator commiserates with a little girl who is not at all tired and could stay up for hours, but mentions to her that her parents look exhausted and need to go to bed. So the little girl is instructed to prevent them from washing any more dishes or checking their email again. Then she helps them brush their teeth and get into pajamas, which can be tricky when they are so easily distracted by their phones or the TV. She has to keep them moving toward the bedroom because sleepy parents are liable to fall asleep anywhere (and snore). She reads them stories, keeps calm when dealing with problems, takes their phones away and tucks them in. Now, of course, she has the whole night to herself, but the narrator points out that she is also looking pretty exhausted.


Those are some stubborn parents!

Author Mylisa Larsen turns the bedtime routine on its head in this very comical story, giving kids and parents alike the opportunity to laugh at themselves. I love that Mom and Dad are easily distracted by their phones, which should be pretty relatable to most parents and kids these days. The punch line, in which the child is exhausted simply from the act of putting her parents to bed, puts a nice button on the story for everyone and may make your child think about how difficult they cam be to put to bed, as well. Illustrator Babette Cole used dip ink and ink, watercolor dye, watercolor crayons and pastels to present this story in a cartoonish way that gives it lots of action, making it feel very real and very funny. A great read for those with kids who fight bedtime.

And what did we learn?  What I take away from this book is that it’s always fun to turn the tables and look at things from the other person’s point of view.