Here’s How…

how-to-mdWow, I am WAY overdue for a theme month, friends!  2017 has been a pretty busy year and my focus has been all over the place, hence my less frequent posting here at the bookshelf.  But I’ve finally been able to devote some time to catching up on my ever-growing theme list. (Yay!)

June’s theme is ‘How To…’ books and will feature a month full of books whose titles start with those words. I was not surprised to see that there are just dozens of them out there, but I was very surprised to see how many of them have sub-themes in common. Lots of these books are teaching their readers how to deal with parents, grandparents and quite a few of them feature dragons. (I guess not a lot is really known about how to do things with dragons, so the younger generation will be better schooled than the rest of us on that subject.)  There are many that offer tips on how to do specific things with animals and lots of them about the care and maintenance of friends. If there was a ‘How To Teach Your Grandma’s Cat How to Make Friends with a Dragon,’ I suppose that one would be the grand prize winner.

Ready to learn something new?  Well, the How-To’s are heading your way starting tomorrow.  See you then!


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