Chick ‘n’ Pug – The Love Pug


Written and Illustrated by Jennifer Sattler

Bloomsbury, 2015

It was a beautiful day. Chick and Pug were enjoying some sunshine.

The plot in a nutshell: A girl pug tries to catch the eye of Wonder Pug.

Chick and Pug are napping in the yard when Daisy, a cute little black pug, visits. Chick introduces himself and tells Daisy all about his best buddy, Wonder Pug. Smitten, Daisy tries several ways to get Wonder Pug’s attention. She talks about how much she wishes someone would give her flowers, ‘loses’ her favorite red bow and pretends to be in danger, but Pug is more interested in napping. Chick, meanwhile, continues to praise Pug’s awesomeness. When a bee flies into Pug’s open mouth, he wakes up and struggles to get rid of it. Daisy comes to his rescue and then she cuddles up next to Pug for a nap.

This is the fourth book that author/illustrator Jennifer Sattler has written about these characters and it’s a nice continuation of their story. It’ll definitely help to know the characters already, but it stands on its own if you don’t, too. I often wish that Pug would play more of an active role in his stories, but that would kind of defeat the point and probably be significantly less funny. Plus, you always get the idea that there’s more to his laziness than meets the eye, especially in this book.


Daisy’s got it bad.

The artwork, in acrylics and colored pencil, is beautiful and colorful, once again using the cool device of sometimes showing characters on colorful background pages to emphasize their emotions. They all have wonderful emotive faces and it’s particularly fun to see Daisy’s reactions to all her failed attempts to capture Pug’s attention. This isn’t my favorite of the Chick n’ Pug books, but it’s a nice addition to the series and has me hoping that someday we might have Chick helping to raise some little pug puppies in the next one.

And what did we learn? What I take away from this book is that you can’t wait around forever for something to happen. Sometimes you need to take action yourself.


What are your thoughts?

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