There’s No Such Thing as Little


Written and Illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Alfred A. Knopf, 2015

Everyone says I’m little.

I really don’t agree.

The plot in a nutshell:  Things believed to be little are shown to be much more.

What seems like a little light is revealed to be the glow from a lighthouse, which can be life-saving. A little tree grows up to provide shade, fruit, homes to animals and branches that be used for swings. One letter of the alphabet may not seem like much, but it’s a part of words that are part of wonderful stories. A little hand can be strong and hold the hands of other people to play together or change the world. A simple line drawn on a piece of paper can be the start of an amazing work of art. And a gift of love can be passed from person to person and no person is little when there can be so much to them.

This book, from author/illustrator LeUyen Pham, is a really lovely affirmation intended to show that the size, importance and strength of a person or thing is truly found only when you put it into perspective. The book keeps its message inspirational and positive. The boy and girl depicted on the cover are our guides through the book, showing us the things that are thought to be little and then revealing the way they are more than they seem or the way they become something bigger than what we see at first.


This rose has been through a lot by the end of this chain.

The artwork and the way the story is presented is charming and interactive. We see the little thing through a die-cut hole in the page and the full image is revealed on the next page, providing some opportunities for younger kids to guess how the item will be more than it seems. I particularly like the page that shows the letter ‘i’ and then pages from famous stories and poems in which the letter is highlighted to show how it is included. I imagine this would be a good book to share with kids who feel self-conscious about being smaller than other kids.

And what did we learn?  What I take away from this book is that many things that seem small have a large impact on others. (Like, for instance, a vote. Happy Election Day, friends!)


What are your thoughts?

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