Once Upon a Time…


It’s time for another theme month, kids!  In September, we’re unpacking our princes, elves, fairies, millers, wolves and girls in towers to celebrate Fairy Tale Month!  I have learned a LOT about fairy tales while researching these stories and hope you’ll find something new here, too.

I’ve chosen 30 traditional fairy tale stories and each day in September, I’ll summarize the basic plot, give you some background info and then share short reviews of three to five book versions of that story.  Some of them are straight adaptations, while others go wide and have some fun with the story. I’ve tried to keep a fair balance.

And don’t you love the nifty new Fairy Tale banner?  My talented daughter, Katie, did a wonderful job putting it together.  By the way, you can check out more of her artwork (possibly to include the individual drawings she did for this banner) on her Instagram page.  Check it out here!

We’ll kick off Fairy Tale month tomorrow with a classic princess story and I’ll give you a hint – you better read it before midnight!  See you there!


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