This Place is a Zoo!

Is it time for another theme month already?  Gosh, kids, it sure is!  zoosigns3

In May, we’re taking a trip to the zoo by featuring a month of books with different animal species in their titles. Current scientific thought estimates there are about 8.7 million different species in the world right now and my local library carries books about a pretty good chunk of them. We’ll see the usual lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) but we’re in for visits from some lesser known zoo residents, such as the slow loris, musk ox and naked mole rat.

Since zoos are educational, I’m switching up the format for this month and sharing a fun fact about each animal represented. And we’ll have a nifty new banner, as well!

Everybody have their ticket and comfortable walking shoes? Our trip to the zoo starts tomorrow!


What are your thoughts?

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