Some Bugs


Written by Angela DiTerlizzi, Illustrated by Brendan Wenzel

Beach Lane Books, 2014

Some bugs sting.

Some bugs bite.

Some bugs stink.

And some bugs fight.

The plot in a nutshell: There are lots of interesting types of bugs in the world.

Other bug characteristics include different modes of transportation, such as hopping, flying and swimming. Then there are varieties of bug sounds, such as clicking, singing and buzzing. Some do unusual things, as well, such as build homes, dig tunnels and hunt or scavenge for food. After pointing out all of the ways that bugs are different and fascinating, author Angela DiTerlizzi suggests that the reader investigate their own backyard to check out the bug life there.

If you have a little one with even a passing interest in bugs, than this book needs to be on your shelf. I myself am not a fan of insects but was still thoroughly drawn in to this book. There’s not much to the text, which I really like, as it seems to be pointing out the different characteristics and then stepping aside to let the reader focus on the species pictured. A ladybug appears on the first page and then on every subsequent page, almost serving as our guide as well as a comfortable and familiar bug face among some of the more intimidating species.


I think we’re all okay with the fluttery ones.

Although, honestly, Brendan Wenzel’s illustrations are nowhere in the neighborhood of being intimidating, even when it comes to the more daunting species like scorpions or Hercules beetles. The artwork is done in mixed media, including (according to the acknowledgements page) ‘almost everything imaginable’ and the colors are bright and fun. There’s something about their big round eyes that make them all kind of lovable, including the (gulp) spiders and yellow jackets who are never welcome around our house. In the back of the book, there’s a full two page spread showing all the bugs represented in the book and their species. So it’s informative as well as entertaining, which makes it a winner in my estimation.

And what did we learn? What I take away from this book is that bugs of all kinds are all around you and there’s lots of learn about all of them.


What are your thoughts?

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