Nighty-Night, Possum!

It’s February 1st and time for another Theme Month!sleepy-moon

This month’s theme is (yawn) bedtime. It’s the traditional time in every kid’s day when picture books are read, so there are naturally tons of books related to that very subject. They cover everything from bedtime routines to  stuffed animal companions to the things we dream about. Some books take a positive approach to bedtime, reminding us of how very cozy it is to snuggle under the covers and drift off to dreamland. Others take a more typical young child’s point of view and tackle bedtime for the heinous enemy that it is, putting a daily end to fun and condemning the poor child to hours of boring inactivity.

The books this month will feature a sampling of lots of different attitudes and characters as well as spiffy new banner artwork. Throw on your pajamas, grab your favorite teddy and let’s see if you can stay awake long enough to read them all. Our first book will post in a couple of hours.



What are your thoughts?

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