The Fame Game

celebrityIt’s time for another Theme Month!  In May, I will be featuring a full month of picture books written by celebrities.

The popular sentiment is that celebrity picture books are all vanity projects or yet another way for celebrities to cash in on their fame. And I’m sure that there are some that fall into these categories. But there are also books that are well written and books that convey a message that’s meaningful to the celebrity author. There are books that showcase a talent or interest that the celebrity’s fans may not have known about before. And there are books that seem to show that the celebrity, just like many other published (and unpublished) authors, has a story inside them that merits sharing.

You’ll see famous faces from the worlds of sports, television, movies, music, comedy and politics. Join me every day, starting tomorrow, to see which celebrities can claim superstar status in the world of picture books. We’ll also have a spiffy new theme banner that’s definitely ready to walk the red carpet.


What are your thoughts?

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