With a Little Help From My Friends

Long DistanceIt’s Theme Month Time again! Our November theme is Faraway Friends, featuring books that were recommended to me by friends who live outside of North Carolina.

When I was in 4th grade, my very best friend moved away. We cried and promised we’d stay in touch and we did write letters for a while, but they dwindled and then they stopped and our friendship went the way that most long distance friendships did back then. But technology has changed all that. In the last dozen years, I’ve had bunches of friends move away, but I stay in touch with them through Facebook, follow them on Twitter or keep up with their blogs. And I’ve made bunches of new friends online, many of whom I’ve gotten to meet in person. It really is a wonderful global neighborhood out there now.

So I reached out to a bunch of these friends – longtime friends who have moved away, newer friends whom I’ve only met a time or two and virtual friends whom I’ve never gotten to hug in person. I asked them to recommend a picture book, tell me how they discovered it and what they like about it and to share a couple sentences about themselves (to give my readers an idea of who they are). Over the next 30 days, I’ll share the books they recommended and here’s a spoiler – there’s not a bad book in the bunch.


What are your thoughts?

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