This Theme & That Theme!

And car

Tomorrow is the first day of August and that means it’s time for a new theme month.

The theme for August is This & That!  We’re celebrating ‘AND’ by reviewing books with titles that use everyone’s favorite conjunction to link together two different words.  Yes, that means I’m assuming everyone’s favorite conjunction is ‘and.’   But that also means I’m assuming you all to be collaborative by nature and not argumentative (such as those who prefer ‘but’ or even ‘or’), so you may feel free to take it as a compliment.

I’ve got some great books lined up for you, most of which are about friendship and at least three of which feature cowboys. (Yee-haw!)

So feel free to take off your socks & shoes, turn off the rock & roll, grab some milk & cookies, find a comfortable sofa & chair and tell your friends & neighbors you’re going to be enjoying some words & pictures here on the Possum’s Bookshelf, with a theme banner that’s new & improved.  It all starts tomorrow, so I’ll see you then & there!



What are your thoughts?

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