December Theme Schedule!

December starts tomorrow and, as you may have guessed, December is going to be a Theme Month here at the Possum’s Bookshelf.

However, instead of just having a general Christmas theme, I’ve taken my daughter’s excellent suggestion and given each week in December its own special Christmas mini-theme.  Here’s the schedule:

Christmas BooksDecember 1-7:  First, You Get a Tree (featuring books about Christmas trees)

December 8-14:  And There are Always Animals (featuring books about animals at Christmastime)

December 15-21:  Hooray!  Christmas is Saved!  (featuring books about someone saving Christmas)

December 22-28:  Merry Christmas! (featuring a miscellaneous collection of special holiday books)

December 29-31:  And Happy New Year! (featuring books about the new year celebration)

There are a ton of Christmas books out there and I’ve got some great ones lined up for review.  It all starts tomorrow so grab a cup of hot chocolate and your extra soft blanket and join us on the sofa for a holiday story!



What are your thoughts?

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