The Dog Days of Summer!

It’s Theme Month time again and this month, we’re going to the dogs!

Pretty much the world's best pug.  No wonder I'm biased.

Pretty much the world’s best pug. No wonder I’m biased.

I have always loved dogs, even though I’ve only ever had two of them.  Tippy was a Scottish Terrier that my family had when I was growing up.  She was a lovable lap dog who could bat a balloon back to you with her nose and was a superb cuddlebug when you were feeling crummy.  Biscuits is a pug, and he’s been a part of our family for seven years now.  We adore him.

So, for the month of July, I’m featuring books about dogs.  Each day, I’ll review a different book about dogs.  There will be anthropomorphic dogs, famous dogs, talking dogs, quirky dogs, athletic dogs, loyal dogs, superhero dogs and dogs that just want to lie around on the porch all day.  Lots of different breeds will be on display, but let me go ahead and spill the beans…I have at least three pug books on the list.  Am I biased?  Guilty as charged.

Our first review will be up shortly.  So heel!  Sit!  Enjoy!

Good dog.


What are your thoughts?

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