Gone Wild


Written and Illustrated by David McLimans

Walker & Company, 2006


Black-Spotted Newt (Notophthalmus meridionalis)

The alphabet theme: A list of animal species that are on the endangered list

According to the introduction of this book, there are more than 5,000 animals currently facing extinction.  Author/illustrator David McLimans has written this book to call attention to 26 different endangered species.  He does so using a graphic representation of the animal within the letter that begins its name.  On each page are the letter art and a sidebar with the animal’s class, habitat, range, threats and status.

Prairie Sphinx MothIn the back of the book is more information about each species as well as recommendations of books and websites to get more information or become more involved in the efforts to preserve these and other vulnerable animal species.  I can see this book appealing particularly to older kids or to kids interested in art, as the animal representations are really well done.

The X Factor:  The X animal is the xenopus gilli, or cape clawed frog.  It is the only animal in the book identified by its scientific name.


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