All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep


Written by Crescent Dragonwagon, Illustrated by David McPhail

Little, Brown and Company, 2012


As the light laps the leaves, Lion lies down, lounging low with Lioness and the little ones

The alphabet theme:  It’s animals again, but this time it’s a bedtime book, with all the pages centered around the animals going to sleep

He's holding on to part of the O.  Adorable.

He’s holding on to part of the O. Adorable.

This is definitely a bedtime book, as the words and pictures practically lull you to sleep while you’re reading it.  The book begins and ends with rhyming verse, but the text with the animal pictures is alliterative and non-rhyming.  Each page features a different animal and tells the reader a little bit about how or where the animal goes to sleep.

Author Crescent Dragonwagon (she won Name of the Year in 1993) gets props for choosing some non-standard animals (I had never heard of an uburu until this book) and for making an effort to fight the ‘But I’m not tired!’ battle.  But my heart was truly won here by the artwork.  David McPhail’s full page illustrations are done in soft luxuriant colors and are rich in detail.  The artwork alone makes this a wonderful choice for bedtime reading.

The X Factor:  X is tacked onto Y, so that Yak is expecting an exceptionally excellent night’s rest.  Bonus points, though, for using quetzal for Q, since it adds an extra X and Z and introduces children to a beautiful bird that most people are unfamiliar with.


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