Alpha Oops!


Written by Alethea Kontis, Illustrated by Bob Kolar

Candlewick Press, 2006


G is for green garden and great gorilla

The alphabet theme:  Z gets miffed at always having to go last and the letters mix themselves up

G is obviously friends with everyone.

G is obviously friends with everyone.

This book is cute and fun, giving personalities to all the letters and letting them vent a little bit about their position in the alphabet.  It’s presented as though the alphabet is parading across a stage and begins with A coming out first.  Z runs on stage, with Y close behind, stating that they should try going in reverse for a change.  Before you know it, letters are popping in completely out of sequence (either backwards or forwards) and it’s chaos.

Author Alethea Kontis throws in some very funny moments and it’s neat to see the letters showing very human traits.  Artist Bob Kolar keeps the pictures simple and colorful, with easy to read facial expressions that tell us what each letter is thinking.  One funny moment occurs when V attempts to take a second turn.   Z pulls him (a little harshly) offstage and G, watching it all, says, “Oooh, V is for violence.”  This one would be fun to read with kids who know their letters and are ready to play around with them.

The X Factor:  As they are listing themselves off, X just gets xylophone here, but later in the book, when V complains that F took two things (flower and fairies), X sighs that he doesn’t have much to choose from.  It’s a sad life for X.


2 thoughts on “Alpha Oops!

  1. I agree with you! Poor X. I always pick up alphabet books to see how X is treated. She always seems to get the short end of the stick. We need to make up more words that start with X!

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