Written and Illustrated by Graeme Base

Harry N Abrams, Inc., 1986


Diabolical dragons daintily devouring delicious delicacies

The alphabet theme: A variety of animals featured on gorgeously illustrated pages

The red-eyed robots are equipped with radar!  Rad.

The red-eyed robots are equipped with radar! Rad.

Animals are a really easy theme to use when taking on the alphabet, as there are so many different species out there and children are fascinated with them.  For an artist as talented as Graeme Base, it makes for a real work of art.  There is a picture for each letter, richly drawn and filled with details.  Each page is a visual feast.

And he hasn’t stopped at just one animal per letter.  Yes, the D page prominently features dragons, but there are dogs, dachsunds, dolphins, doves, donkeys and dodos, as well.  There are other things besides animals, too.  I see doughnuts, a drummer, a doctor, dumbbells, a dagger and (Doctor Who fans will love this) a Dalek!  And if all that isn’t enough for your junior detectives, Mr. Base has included a drawing of himself as a child in every picture.  There are hours of entertainment here, folks.

The X Factor:  This is another one that takes the stance that it only needs to have an X in it, not that it has to start with X.  So we have Rex Fox fixing six saxophones.  Congrats to Rex for having a marketable skill.


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